Tom Bell (kingbowser123) wrote in amflanes,
Tom Bell

Nationwide Invitational Games 2008

The national Special Olympic bowling invitationals have arrived once again and this year they are being held down in my current hometown - Adelaide, South Australia. Bowlers from all over the country will be here to compete in singles, doubles, and in teams.

Back in November I took part in a invitational down in the country region which was to celebrate the opening of a bowling center over there. This was my report on it and only bowlers from within the state participated as far as I know.

As far as form goes, I'm doing quite nicely. Lately I have been bowling a lot more 100+ games and haven't significantly flunked any of the games. My average has improved to approximately 110 which is great for me. I recently bowled a game of 169 in Wednesday night's group and got congrats from everyone which was definitely a feel good moment. Let's hope I can reproduce that kind of form in the competition :)

I really should be going to bed now other I won't be bowling so well and we don't want that now surely? ;)

-- Tom

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