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First time after a long break....

Well, I've had two months off bowling, and decided to head into my old club today and see how I got on. I was using my old Track Triton (since that's the only ball I have at home), which was drilled for me just under two years ago, which I haven't used to any great extent in about a year. Sure, my fingers and thumb were a bit big, but it still fits better than any of my other equipment (which is in my room at uni). I also got my old Mongoose wrist support back off my friend JJ, and used that.

I wasn't expecting anything particularly high, to be honest. But I totally surprised myself. Strikes and spares were abundant, with only a few open frames. That led to a 551 series, consisting of games of 181, 182 and 188. Pretty consistent, and loads better than the scores I'd been getting two months ago.

And now I've got enough money to get all my equipment at uni sorted. One ball (Monster Frenzy) needs a complete plug and redrill, due to all the measurements being wrong; another (Freak Out) needs a change of thumb insert; and my spare ball needs a bigger thumbhole. Then maybe, just maybe I might be able to up those scores even more. If I can bowl that with a ball that doesn't fit brilliantly (although better than the others), after a year of not using and two months of not bowling at all, things could be even better when my other equipment fits me properly. We shall see...
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